What is Business or Company Law.

In Society the manner of human and behavior to arrange the arrangement and peace in order to maintain, who Rule and Deputy-rule make for purpose for the point of Regular and Controlled by the state. these are called law.

In changing Social , Political and Economic Perspective look to law in different role by different person.

For Example :- If law are obedience for common people to groups of rule then law are profession of living for lawyer.

Mercantile law/ commercial

Business law are Related mercantile work for people of society. It is that branch of law which is apply in Business and commercial Related from Different Business and Business Agreement.

Scope of Mercantile Law

If be seen the scope of Business are bright in India Because this law are applied not only for Businessman and Enterprising but also General People.

  1. Contract Act.
  2. Goods Sale Act
  3. Partnership Act
  4. Company Act
  5. Insurance Act
  6. Custom Act
  7. Banking Act
  8. Insolvency Act
  9. Monopoly Act and more..

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