Microsoft office 365

What is ms officie 365

Office 365 is most important and use for modern enterprises to maintenance any kind of Report Individually for better Business Result in Digitally.

Microsoft office

Before know about Microsoft Office 365. we have to know about Microsoft Office of General category sound like Microsoft office 2007, office 2010, office 2013, office 2016 and ms office 2019 etc.

Let’s know general kind of office about :-

General office of Microsoft is a one type purchase product. whichever provides almost same services in General category Microsoft office like ms word, ms excel, ms PowerPoint, publisher, One note, outlook, one drive and more…

when you buy Microsoft Office 2007 to 20… one of them. you will be get a license from Microsoft company to use Microsoft office for life time.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is also the product of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Company has launched two type of office Microsoft office (One-Time) and Microsoft office 365 (Timely).

Office 365 is premium version software of Microsoft Company. this is not one time purchases or buy but this is monthly or yearly subscription.

If you want to buy this software then you must have to choose one option of both and pay on time.

Its very useful for modern Enterprises in Digitally. for example, if in your company, 100 employees are working now. you must have to maintenance his daily report, salary, expanses, present or absent, timing and more., like this..

Microsoft office has a lot of more office part from this 365 that is office home, office pro, office professional, etc.

Benefit of office 365

There is a lot of benefit of office 365 let’s know all about benefit of office 365

It is a monthly subscription.
It has also yearly subscription for small business.
Office team upgrade his product or service on the basis of daily for his lovely Microsoft subscriber or customer benefit.
It has also update office 365 yearly or monthly.
It’s easy to use
Easy to maintain

It is  also provides same option of Microsoft office like word, excel, PowerPoint, one Drive, one note, outlook. truly Speaking it’s give more than option or function from Microsoft office.

Note :- There is no deficit of office 365 because it is most popular Microsoft software for Enterprises or Business to run.

one more notice for General category office

There is a small Problem in General category of Microsoft Office like office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019… that is you never get Upgrade of office after purchase time.

Who’s best :-

Both are best but there is condition that is it’s best are depend on work, need, profession, purpose. Let’s know in details

You want to start your own start-up then office 365 is best. It will be helpful in your business to give more benefit of your trade. So, You can easily go with this Software for your Business.

If your want to buy Microsoft office for study purpose then Microsoft Office (General category) is best. It is one time purchase and very easy to work on here for students mostly ms excel or PowerPoint.

Both software have a lot of user and mostly liked the Microsoft office by common peoples.

I think you can go for one to which both are useful for You and your business.

Than you very must.

If this article useful for you then take subscription

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To be update from Microsoft office be here always.

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