The Soldier summary PDF Class 12 English

Class 12 English Summary of The Soldier PDF

The Soldier: “The Soldier” is composed by the poet Rupert Brooke who was the most handsome young man in England. The poet is saying that when he would die he would be given a corner of a filed on the earth hidden from dust. When the war had started the dust starts to hid everything and was washed away by the rivers. When war started he wanted a flower which would give love without knowing the definite way where he is to go. He always contacts with English air of England. He was walking, thinking about dispute in war. He thought himself that not a single evil word came in his mind. A small vibration touched his mind would last forever. He wanted a peaceful country. It is his dream and always had seen this type of sight that there would be no war between two countries. Everyone should live a peaceful life. It seemed like a heaven in England to think over it.

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