12th English ( 50 Marks ) Objective Our Own Civilization 

Class 12th English Important Objective Question Answer

Class – 12th English ( 50 Marks ) Objective Type Question Our Own Civilization

Each Question has only one correct answer. You have to mark correct option on OMR Sheet.


1. our own civilization is penned by
(A) C.E.M. Joad
(B) J.C. Hill
(C) Robert Lynd
(D) A.G. Gardener

Ans. (A) C.E.M. Joad

2. C.E.M Joad was an inhabitant of
(A) Russia
(B) France
(C) London
(D) Germany

Ans. :- (C) London

3. Machines have become enevitable can be inferred from the lesson
(A) Our own civilization
(B) Good manners
(C) Forgetting
(D) On Letter writing

Ans. :- (A) Our own civilization

4. Man has invented machines to save
(A) Time and energy
(B) pleasure
(C) labour
(D) boredom

Ans. :- (A) Time and energy

5. In disputes between man and man right has taked the place of
(A) Flight
(B) Fight
(C) might
(D) night

Ans. :- (C) might

6. A developed between man and man right has taked the place of
(A) rule of law
(B) crime
(C) punishment
(D) entertainment

Ans. :- (A) rule of law

7. Higher activities of mankind which make up civilization could not go on without :
(A) safety
(B) environment
(C) electricity
(D) amusement

Ans. :- (A) safety

8. Except for a short period under which empire, There have been order and safety in Europe only during the last two hundred years.
(A) Roman
(B) China
(C) British
(D) Egypt

Ans. :- (A) Roman

12th English ( 50 Marks ) Objective Our Own Civilization

9. Today civilized men should in their ordinary daily lives be practically free from the fear of
(A) Non-violence
(B) violence
(C) endurance
(D) self-pity

Ans. :- (A) Non-violence

10. What is as necessary as to our civilization as the air
(A) mankind
(B) safety
(C) science
(D) environment

Ans. :- (A) mankind

11. ……… is a great achievement of today life.
(A) fear of non-violence
(B) satyagraha
(C) theft
(D) violence

Ans. :- (B) satyagraha

12. Illness is no longer a terrible thing due to prevalence of
(A) anaesthetics
(B) surgery
(C) X-ray
(D) city-scan

Ans. :- anaesthetics

13. Nothing can be enjoyed in the absence of
(A) health
(B) good manners
(C) civilization
(D) longevity

Ans. :- (C) civilization

14. Modern civilization has been compared to
(A) oasis
(B) desert
(C) rituals
(D) savegery

Ans. :- (A) oasis

15. The world has become a single whole, a unity due to
(A) communication
(B) wars
(C) revolutions
(D) religion

Ans. :- (A) communication

16. The iron curtain is associated with
(A) Russia
(B) Brazil
(C) India
(D) China

Ans. :- (A) Russia

17. What will be far from perfect until everyone gets his proper share of necessary and delightful things ?
(A) civilization
(B) Proverty
(C) development
(D) mankind

Ans. :- (A) civilization

12th English ( 50 Marks ) Objective Our Own Civilization

18. Europe and America have been symbolised with the epithet
(A) south Block
(B) Western Block
(C) Eastern Block
(D) Central Block

Ans. :- (B) Western Block

19. Russia and the nations of Eastern Europe ware called
(A) Eastern Block
(B) Western Block
(C) North Block
(D) Central Block

Ans. :- (A) Eastern Block

20. The next world war will be fought with bows and arrows is statemnent taked from
(A) our own civilization
(B) On latter writing
(C) Forgetting
(D) with the photographer

Ans. :- (A) our own civilization

21. The chief hope of the world in the future depends upon our ability to set up some from of
(A) World government
(B) prosperity
(C) Democracy
(D) Sate govt.

Ans. :- (A) World government

22. The Coveted title of Stern Master is Bestowed to
(A) Machines
(B) Factory
(C) Industry
(D) None of these

Ans. :- (A) Machines

23. Machines save our
(A) time
(B) money
(C) Comforts
(D) None of these

Ans. :- (A) time

24. Our own civilization has been adapted from
(A) Prose with a purpose
(B) Forgetting
(C) On letter writing
(D) None of these

Ans. :- (A) Prose with a purpose

25. Our own civilization is written by….
(A) J.C.Hill
(B) A.G.Gardiner
(C) C.E.M Joad
(D) R.Lynd

Ans. :- (C) C.E.M Joad

12th English ( 50 Marks ) Objective Our Own Civilization

26. Men invented machines because…….
(A) they were lazy
(B) the were smart
(C) they wanted to make life easier
(D) they wanted to destroy the world

Ans. :- C) they wanted to make life easier

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