How to make Google Account without mobile number

gmail par email account kaise banaye bina mobile number ke

How to make google account? I mean how to make Gmail Account or How to make Email Account. It has a lot of name different type of people called it in different language Sound like, Email, Gmail, mail, and its good to know you about mail, Mail has many types. Like Google, outlook, yahoo, etc.

make Google Account without mobile number

In this article I am going to show you how to make email id. You can also call it How to create Email ID. I will explain about all just you have to follow my all step.

What is email ID?, Email Account?, Gmail Account?, Gmail ID etc. This type of word maybe you listen and I think you had tried to know about it. But Now let’s know what is it with full expansion.

What is Email ID?

Email/Gmail is just a process to share or transfer any thing like file, folder, Photo, Document, link, media file, zip file etc. from one place to another place or from one person to another person by using net. It’s works through server networking, It’s just like what ‘Sapp but on the high level (Professional) Work. Today almost every person is using Email/Gmail to do his work Separate with secure.

Requirement things to make Gmail/Email ID.

There is no any Highly requirement in this process but some of needs. I think everyone has this. And You need to ready or prepare following in the time of making email/Gmail Account.

Name :-

I mean from which name you want to make your Account like or

Password: –

Password most should you have because it’s very important to secure your account from hacker.

 Mobile Number: –

You should have mobile number to put in email/Gmail account. It will be help you to reset your password in care you got forget in future.

Recovery email. ID: –

You can also include in your email id of another email account. It will be also help you when your account could not have responds.

Date of Birth.

You must have your Date of Birth in your email account.

Gender: –

you will be got option to select Gender Male/Female/etc.

Let’s know how to make Email ID/ Gmail ID/ You can make your email Id in mobile also in Personal computer (PC) And Laptop.

How to Create Google Email/Gmail Account or ID.

To Create or make Google Account without mobile number and google email id or Gmail id just have to follow following step. To make its easy and simple in the time of making email ID in Your mobile or PC and Laptop.

Open you any internet browser which you are currently using

Then search for create “email account/create Gmail account” and Open that site by clicking on that

Now fill all information

and more final step have to follow 

google account ko kaise banaye

After fill your all information in email account form. You are ready to use your Gmail account in your phone or laptop or pc.

You can also use it in google account or plays tore for many type of security  of your Personal or professional date.

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