How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

how to start youtube channel

The process of creating a YouTube channel is very easy and simple. And in this article, we will explain how to start a YouTube channel and make money online by uploading videos to YouTube in details.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video share platform where you can share any type of video sound like education, technology, information, health and fitness, information and health, people, travelers, news and media, and entertainment, music, film and animation, etc. Huh. It is also the second largest search engine in the world. It comes after Google search engine in the world.

can I earn Money from YouTube?

Yes! You can make million dollars from YouTube. You can earn money online from YouTube by uploading original videos. Not just this way, but you can make money from sponsorship of any video, affiliate, with brand dealing, and more.

YouTuber’s earnings depend on the Youtuber category. The simple way Youtuber can make millions or crores of money from YouTube. For example- if you have 10000 subscribers on YouTube then you can easily earn from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 Indian Rupees in a month.

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How to start YouTube Channel?

Starting a YouTube channel is very easy. To create a YouTube Channel, you just have to follow the step. Do not miss these steps to create a YouTube channel.

  1. Choose a topic for your YouTube Channel.
  2. Think, who will watch your video and why?
  3.  Choose your business name or YouTube Channel name
  4.  Create a Gmail/Email Account
  5. Go to YouTube and Sign Up.
  6. Select Brand/Personal Account
  7. Complete Your YouTube setting.
  8. Upload Your YouTube video
  9.  Complete Criteria

Add AdSense and Earn money from YouTube by uploading your own video. when viewer watch your video then you will be paid for that. always remember more views mean more earning.

1. Choose a topic for your YouTube Channel.

This is very important for you and your channel. You must first decide what type of video you want to make for your YouTube channel. How do you make a video? And can you go long on this subject. The right selection of a subject can make you rich and popular on YouTube. And the wrong choice can make you a loser.

Note: – Ask yourself, in which field you are the best … If there is an answer then that topic is the best topic for you and your channel.

 2. Think, who will watch your video and why?

This is a big question before creating a YouTube channel. Why the viewer would like your video. You must provide a quality video with quality. There is no quantity. Only on YouTube is the case for valuable content.

How will your video help viewers and for how long. Which area. right or wrong. All choose the category that your experts specialize in so that you can succeed on YouTube.

3. Choose your business name or YouTube channel Name.

The name of your YouTube channel should be related to the definition of your content. For example Amlesh Bhagat, YTLOGY. You can also enter the channel name after yourself.

4. Create a Gmail/Email Account

To create a YouTube channel you must have a Gmail / Email account. If you do not have an email account, first create an email / Gmail account.

5. Go to YouTube and Sign Up.

Now open any browser and search and open There you will see a lot of videos that have been uploaded to YouTube by another producer.

Now right-hand-side click on the email logo / icon.

Now click on or click on Studio Creator.

6. Select Brand/Personal Account

There you will see two types of accounts first brand account and second personal account. The difference between a brand account and a personal account is just a few. In personal account your channel name is same as email account name and in brand account you can have different name on YouTube channel or email account. And there is nothing different between a personal account and a brand account.

7. Complete Your YouTube setting.

After creating a YouTube channel, you need to set some settings for your YouTube channel sound such as, channel description, channel keywords, channel category, video language, etc.

If you don’t know how to set YouTube settings then you need to learn the basics of YouTube settings to perform better on YouTube. Click here to learn how to do YouTube settings.

8. Upload video and upload Thumbnail on YouTube

Now you can upload videos to YouTube channel from here. YouTube policy says that if you continuously upload videos to YouTube on daily basis then you will get the key to success on YouTube.

What is YouTube Thumbnail: YouTube Thumbnail is a image poster that is describe about video which type of video you had uploaded on YouTube. Custom Thumbnail has great power if you made attritive thumbnail for YouTube Video. It will be increase Your views and Subscribers on YouTube. YouTube Thumbnail can make you rich on YouTube.

What is YouTube Custom thumbnail size? :

YouTube Thumbnail size is 640 & 360 Pxl. and 1280 & 720 Pxl. but YouTube Thumbnail Size is 1280 & 720 Pxl. It has more, It is perfect for YouTube video Quality.

If you are making first time YouTube channel and this is your first video on YouTube then you have to verified first your YouTube channel to upload thumbnail.

Verify YouTube Channel? : To Upload custom thumbnail on YouTube. You have to verify your YouTube channel first with your mobile no. then you will be get option to upload your custom thumbnail on YouTube.

Upload Custom Thumbnail on YouTube videos: After verify your YouTube channel You can easily upload Your Custom Thumbnail on YouTube. During uploading video or after uploaded video.

Benefits of thumbnail image :

Thumbnail Image is very import for YouTube video and YouTube because. Thumbnail of your video express about your video content. mostly people view video to see thumbnail of video. This is why YouTube channels get views and subscribers on YouTube. People want to see their videos on YouTube.

YouTube Channel Monetization Policy and Criteria

There is some criteria on YouTube channel for earning money online. To make money from YouTube, you must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your video on YouTube channel. This is very easy to accomplish because when you start uploading the video to your YouTube channel your video will be visible all over the world. And traffic will come to your video from the world, so it will be very easy to meet 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers.

1. 1K Subscribers :- To monetize your YouTube Channel, You must have to complete minimum 1000 subscribers on Your YouTube Channel because without complete this You can never apply for monetization of your channel it is a first criteria to monetize YouTube Channel.

2. 4K hours public watch time :- 4000 public hours watch time is a second criteria to monetize your YouTube Channel now a days because you can’t apply for monetization of your YouTube Channel without complete this criteria on your public video watch time. On Public Video watch time must should have 4000 hours watch time to monetize YouTube channel.

3. Strikes :- Zero (0) active Community Guidelines Strikes ( Ineligible if you have active strikes on the time to monetization. You could never apply for monetize with active community strikes But you can apply when active community strikes finished on your YouTube Channel.

Add AdSense and Earn money from YouTube

You can apply for AdSense when you have met your criteria (first you need to create your AdSense account) and when your YouTube channel is approved. Since then you can earn money from YouTube channel. [ create a youtube channel

The AdSense minimum payment is $ 100. When you earn $ 100 from AdSense, google AdSense will send your money to your bank account. You can also get your money in a bank check with AdSense.

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