In this post we will provide Objective Answer Type Question of Income Tax. And all the mcq question’s answer are given below this post. Income Tax or Taxation that is the subject of Bachelor of Commerce

इस पोस्ट में हम आयकर के वस्तुनिष्ठ उत्तर प्रकार प्रश्न प्रदान करेंगे। और सभी MCQ प्रश्न के उत्तर इस पोस्ट के नीचे दिए गए हैं। Income Tax या Taxation जो बैचलर ऑफ कॉमर्स का विषय है


❖ OBJECTIVES :- 1. Exemption limit in the case of a resident women below 60 years of age for the Assessment Year 2020-21 is:

a. Rs. 2,50,000

b. Rs. 2,40,000

c. Rs. 1,60,000

d. None of these

2. Exemption limit for the Assessment year 2020-21 in case of resident senior citizen assessee is:

a. Rs. 3,00,000

b. Rs. 2,40,000

c. Rs. 2,60,000

d. Rs. 2,50,000

3. Exemption limit for the Assessment Year 2020-21 in case of Non – resident in India , aged 70 years is:

a. Rs. 1,50,00

b. Rs. 2,50,000

c. Rs. 3,00,000

d. Rs. 3,50,000

4. The rate of Health & Education Cess is:

a. 2 %

b. 3%

c. 4 %

d. 5 %

5. The rate of tax on lottery winnings is:

a. 20%

b. 25%

c. 30%

d. 35%

6. Total income of resident woman aged 60 years for the Assessment Year 2020-21 is Rs. 60,000. She will pay tax:

a. Rs. 31,000

b. Rs.31,200

c. Rs. 34,000

d. Rs. 20,800

7. Total income of Ram (aged 40 years) for the Assessment Year 2020-21 is Rs. 4,00,000. He will pay tax:

a. Rs.15,450

b. NIL

c. Rs. 16,000

d. Rs. 16,480

8. Health & education Cess is calculated on:

a. Total Income

b. Tax on total income

c. Taxable Income

d. Agricultural income

9. The rate of Surcharge on tax payable when taxable income is Rs. 8,00,000:

a. 5%

b. 2%

c. 3%

d. Zero (NIL)

10. An individual, resident in India, is liable to pay Income Tax if his income is more than:

a. Rs. 1,00,000

b. Rs. 1,50,000

c. Rs.2,00,000

d. Rs. 5,00,000

11. What is the rate of surcharge applicable to individuals having total income exceeding Rs.1 Crore but not more than Rs.2 Crores?

a. 15%

b. 5%

c. 2.5%

d. NIL

12. What is the basic exemption limit for Mrs. X (resident in India), who is of the age of 80 years as on 31-03-2020?

a. Rs. 5,00,000

b. Rs. 3,00,000

c. Rs. 2,50,000

d. Rs. 2,00,000

[Ans. 1.(a), 2.(a), 3.(b), 4.(c), 5.(c), 6.(b), 7.(b), 8.(b), 9.(d), 10. (d), 11.(a), 12.(a).

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