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English Grammar time and tense important

Time is a universal concept but tense debate is an action and its degree of completeness. समय एक सार्वभौमिक अवधारणा है लेकिन तनावपूर्ण बहस एक क्रिया है और इसकी पूर्णता की डिग्री है. जैसे की

Tense I am going to Patna.
Time You are Playing Cricket. 

Tense is a grammar term used to indicate whether a sentence (or verb) is an action in the past, the present or the future. An example of tense is a verb that indicates action is going on now, or a sentence about action taking place now. The basic tenses in English are present, past, and future.

Different between Time and Tense

Time Tense
Time is a Universal Concept It denotes an action
It is not a part of the grammar It is a part of the grammar
It has only three tense Present, Past and future It has only two tense present and past

Tense in English grammar is a very powerful topic if you want to learn spoken English, English grammar Tense are categories into three parts as like Present Tens, Past tense, Future Tense as these. Three types of English Grammar Tenses are also divided into Four parts as like Indefinite tense, Continuous Tense, Perfect tense and last one is Perfect continuous Tense in English Grammar if you want to learn these Tenses in English grammar with examples and With Hindi.

Here we categories Tense into their respective parts please check these below:-
+++++There is Three Typs of Tense++++
1. Present Tense :- I go ( Subject +v1 or v5)
2. Past Tense :- I went ( Subject + v2)
3. Future Tense :- I shall go ( Subject + Will or Shall + V1)

1. Present Tense categories in English grammar :
a) Present Indefinite Tense
b) Present continuous Tense
c) Present perfect Tense
d) Present perfect continuous Tense
2. Past Tense categories in English grammar :
a) Past Indefinite Tense
b) Past continuous Tense
c) Past perfect Tense
d) Past perfect continuous Tense
3. Future Tense categories in English grammar :
a) Future Indefinite Tense
b) Future continuous Tense
c) Future perfect Tense
d) Future perfect continuous Tense

Note :- W/H Question like What, Why Where, When, Who, Whom, Whose, How etc. It is also have to read in Tense.

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