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The Artist summary

Seibei had a hobby for collecting gourds. He got them for a few Sen. When he came hon, he would first bore a neat hole in the top of the gourd bad smell of gourd and extract the seeds. Then he covered them with tea-leaves to get rid of the bad smell of gourd.

Seibei was passionately interested in gourds. He was twelve years old and still at primary school. After class he usually wondered about the town looking for gourds. In the evening he would sit in the corner of living room working on his newly acquire fruit. When he had finished treating it, he poured in a little sake, inserted a cork stopper, warped it in a tower put this in a tin and finally poached the whole thing in the charcoal foot warmer. Then he went to bed.

Next morning first of all he examine the gourd and hang them in the sun. He lived in a harbor town. He almost used to walk in the town. Then he came to every place that sold gourds and to recognize almost every gourd on the market. But his father did not like it. One day seibei about five inches, Long of gourd at a common place. He became curious. He wanted to know everything about that, so he went home and in no time pack at the stall. He bought the gourd and took it home.

Seibei’s father wanted to his son became a learned person. He always wanted to him that he studied well. His father didn’t like his son’s work whatever Seibei was doing. Seibei’s father didn’t want to listen any complain of his son. His desires were to gave up his on unwanted work and unwanted things, for this view he always guided his son and at last by forcedly he made his to give up that work and that things.

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