How to make Amazon Affiliate Account Earn money more than lakhs

amazon affiliate account se paisa kaise kamaye | Best way to earn money from online

How to make Amazon Affiliate Account. | Amazon company ka affiliate account banakar paisa kaise kamaye online.

In this article we know that how to share and Create amazon Affiliate Link to Facebook WhatsApp twitter and more social media sire like YouTube Website blog and more.

First You must have Amazon Affiliate or Associate Account to Earn money from Affiliate Account to Advertise of amazon product. Log in your Amazon Associate Account.


In Amazon Associate account. Search for product which want to share on social site to make money online by amazon partner program.


Choose your Product which you want to share for example i have to share Redmi note 8 pro mobile phone then i will Type Redmi note 8 Pro in Search Bar after that “Go” Button like this..


Open that product which you want to share. It will be open a new window of our screen.

In new tab you will be see generate link, or product link in heading tab or open page. Click on that.

It’s all Text and Image, Text Only Image only Add to Widget are eligible link to share on any platform. Let’s Understand it how to share

Sharing Process

Text and Image :- If You want to share any product link with that product details like name price or picture then, you can select Text and image option and its code is look like..

amazon company jobs

Text Only

Here if you want to go for Website then you can select HTML and you can also go for link but if you want to share only Text i mean don’t want to show image or more information then you can short like this is better than HTML coding for YouTube and any other place to link on image or text.

Image Only

If You want to share only affiliate link on your website or other sharing platform then select the option of  only image and generate a link through creating process.

Add to widget

This is most important for everyone for example if you want to share your multi-product on your website together then the option is ADD to widget will be helpful.

I think, Now you can create Amazon affiliate link to earn money Online by advertising Amazon product.

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