Top 5 Best Part Time Job to earn money online

Online paisa kaise kamaye

There is a lot of Part- Time Job in India or Out side India but Today we know Best top 5 Part-Time Job in India to Earn millions of Dollar in just Part-Time.

1. YouTube:- Start Now

YouTube is the best Part-Time Job v Full Time Job in all over the world. Now these days maximum person spend lots of time daily on YouTube to get entertain or educate and more.. so That’s why YouTube has become world second largest Search Engine after Google ( Both are same company).

youtube kaise start kare

So If you want to earn money from YouTube then you must have to create account on YouTube (how to create successfully YouTube Channel Account ) after then you must have to monetize your YouTube Channel

2.Affiliate/Associate/Commission :-

Affiliating is a commission based part-time job for example if you tell us about any product or service through content writing or video marketing after then some one purchase that product and service then you will get then commission of that product.

Example in Details :- My name is Amlesh and i have a YouTube Channel on YouTube channel i make video to Related Cloths and i also provide cloths affiliate like in Description to buy viewers and here when viewer Purchased cloths using my created affiliate like then i will paid that in the form of commission.

best affiliate marketing blogger template, affiliate arketing blogger template

So this is the largest Income source to earn millions of dollar. you can provide service or Reviews in the form of Video marketing and Content marketing.

3.Blogging :-

Blogging is same as like YouTube but there is some different .i.e. YouTube is only video sharing platform in any category ( Don’t go against YouTube terms and conditions) and Content, Video, Image, Story and more can share on Blogger.

The points of views to earn money Blogging is a also best but you must have to get traffic on your website to earn money when you will get a lots of traffic then you will be earn a lot of money from Blogging.

4.Video Marketing :- Learn Video Editing For Free

Don’t Compare Video marketing with YouTube because both are same but deed of both are different.

In Video Marketing you can contact any company and Brant to promote his product and service to earn money monthly or commission and if are keeping promoting then you will be earn a lot of money from his company and brand. so This is also best idea to earn money

5. Content writer/ Editor.

All Most every company or service are available on search engine in the form of content and for this Product and service seeker search about that to get result to read about product and service for know how it is.

So can start Content Writing for product and service to earn money. There is a lot of way to earn money from content writing and editor. Depend on you how must you are able you earn.

Its All are You Can do in Part time that’s why we told Top 5 Part Time Job for you to do in part time or full time as you wish.

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