How to make account on Google Publisher

Submit Website to Publisher Center

How to make account on Google Publisher Center. Get Approval of your website on google publisher to display all post in google discover page.

I think you already know that what is google discover page, If you not, then lets know something something about it and after that we will know how to make google publisher account and how to submit website in google publisher.

What is Google Publisher Center?

Google Publisher center is an interface that helps publisher submit, manage, and monetize their content in google news through subscribe with google.

If Your website gone approved by google on publisher center, mostly chanced has to increase your website traffic and earning of your site. because its display on google discover page its all are depend on personalized.

How to make Google Publisher Account in Publisher center? 

Its very easy to make account in google publisher center. we will know all step or process account making which is given in details below and also describe about all function for better understanding.

Step to make account on publisher center.

  • Open Google Search Engine and type there “Google Publisher Center”.
  • Now You have to login or sign up with Google Account in publisher center.
  • Here You will get a new interface and a lot of option. all option has describe in details below you have to read and follow all step, step by step to submit your website in publisher center.

Functionality :- Setting of Google Publisher Center

To customize your publication, you can use a few basic features: Which is given blow.

General: Add basic information about your publication, details about the location of your publication’s headquarters, verification of website property URLs, and your publication’s contact details.

Visual styles: Add visual elements that identify your publication, like logos and fonts. I suggest to upload logo of your website or brand or business who already you running that,


The Settings tab can be found in the left panel of the homepage. It includes 3 tabs:

  • User permissions: Manage user access for your organization or the publications you’ve submitted.
  • Account settings: You can create, manage, and delete your accounts.
  • Organizations settings: You can create, delete, and define your organization’s settings.


Modules customize different experiences of your publications. Certain modules might not be visible for some users.

  • Google News: Design, brand, and customize your publication for the Google News app on Android, iOS, and
  • Subscribe with Google: Make it easier for readers to subscribe to and access your content with their Google account.
  • News Showcase: Enhance storytelling and help readers stay informed by highlighting issues and events through customized panels.

More options

Options to help classify your content better. Certain options might not be visible for some users.

  • Content labels: Help Google understand your content better with labels like opinion, user-generated, satire, or blog; this won’t affect ranking.
  • Local Information: Display specific pages on your site that provide current, authoritative, and local information on key topics.


The below terms allow publishers to understand how Publisher Center is organized and which content types can be submitted.

  • Organization: An organization is the entity that hosts your publications. An organization can host one or several publications.
  • Publication: Publishers can organize and manage their content by creating Publications.
    What was called “Edition” in the former Producer tool or “Source” in the former Publisher Center is now called “Publication.”
  • Feed: To share your content with Google News, you can add an RSS feed in the “Content” tab of Publisher Center.
  • Web location: To share content from specific parts of your site, add a web location in the “Content” tab of Publisher Center.
  • Content label: Add content labels to alert Google News to a part of your site that needs a specific label applied to it, like satire or opinion.
    • Submitting Content labels doesn’t guarantee your content will appear in Google News.
  • Labels: Labels are a set of predefined, generally understood terms that describe the content of your news articles. They serve as hints to Google News to help classify and show your content. Learn more about what each of the labels mean.

What not to expect from Publisher Center

Google News Publisher Center isn’t an authoring or a content management system (CMS). Google News Publisher Center is also not a tool to produce online websites optimized for desktop web browsers.

When you create a section in Publisher Center, it shouldn’t interfere with the ranking of your site’s search engine. Google News doesn’t host any publisher content on the open web.

Google automatically considers any content published on the web for inclusion in Google News. There’s no need to “apply.” However, only content that complies with our overall content policies and requirements will be eligible:

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