Domain Name System क्या होता है

DNS Kya hota hai

Domain Name System क्या होता है Google Search Engine में इसका क्या काम होता है / इसको कैसे और कहा प्रयोग किया जाता है. DNS is a Part of Digital Search Engine.

What is DNS

Domain, its full name is Domain name System (DNS). In Simple Language Domain Name System has work to identify the address of your website.

It is also called Website Address. Website Address or DNS is useful to reach on Web page. It is very easy method to Increase service out of any type of service.

For Example is a Blogging Website and this is (Amlesh2k) is a Domain. when some one search Amlesh2k then he will get the result of

Work of Domain (DNS) with Example.

The work of Domain Name System (DNS) is to identify of website address in Search or portal. For Example:- If anybody search something on google to get better result.

अगर आपको डिजिटल मार्केटिंग की पढाई करनी है तो आप मेरे वेबसाइट Amlesh2k पे तो Amlesh2k ये मेरे वेबसाइट का डोमेन है

How does work DNS

In Coding Language Domain has two way to work DNS or Website Address and internet Protocol (IP) Number Before some time, it was working on this method of Internet Protocol but now its work on both method DNS and Internet Protocol (IP) number Because DNS is better than Internet Protocol.

Internet Protocol (IP) how does work Internet Protocol.

Its works on the basis of number like it can have maximum number 63 and minimum number 1. It is hard to remember and access website because not easy to remember a lot of numbers are here. That is called Internet Protocol.


Domain is easy to remember and access website for example rather than IP Address. DNS works on both basis DNS and IP Address.

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